Video Production

Video has rapidly become the most prevalent media source in the past decade. It allows for the most effective delivery of pointed and useful information to large audiences. Whether you need assistance in creating content or delivering it, VLS Productions has a quality team of technicians, camera operators, and editors ready to help you deliver your message.

Technical Assistance

Traveling or in an unfamiliar location? To ensure you have no problem with your presentation we can provide a technician to deliver, set up, and run presentation equipment for you, making sure all video, audio, and projection will work seamlessly. Even the remote clicker will work, we promise it! We are AV experts, allow us to save you the time and frustration of trying to become one.

Be Seen

30 attendees or 3000 attendees, make sure every set of eyes can clearly see you and your message. Take advantage of the projection, television distribution, and LED video walls available from VLS Productions for effective and engaging delivery of content. Don't let the focus of your event be lost to those in the back of the venue. Contact us about all of our video options.

We'll Do It Live

Video in live performance is on the rise. Let the dedicated video team at VLS Productions capture your next live event in single or multiple camera format. This is a perfect option for recording and live streaming, reaching audiences and revenue that couldn't be at your event.

Live Event

Live events can be among the hardest events to capture or cover, with a number of variables that cannot be controlled. VLS Productions prepares extensively for these variables to make sure you get the best capture and coverage of your live event, which only occurs once.

Corporate Video

Video systems are ingrained into daily use at the workplace, make sure that your next meeting, conference, or product announcement is covered by VLS Productions. Utilize our AV services with projectors, LED video screens, cameras, prompters, and multiple-device video distribution.

Content Creation

Promotion of a message, cause, company, or product can be greatly enhanced through digital content like video. VLS Productions has the resources to create your next website video, television advertisement, instructional video, or aerial videography. Let us help you reach your audience in an effective and meaningful manner.

Time Lapse

Product Video

Real Estate

Content Creation

Promotional Video